Returnable turnover logistics service - Model A

Returnable turnover logistics service - Model B

SEVEN intelligent logistics system

WMS/TMS is developed on the basis of enterprise data management systems in order to present enterprise data in visualized tables, charts, and dashboards, so that enterprises and their trade partners can view and manage them efficiently and in real time through the Logistics Center and Finance Center. Based on the transparent transportation operation, all vehicles and the goods are monitored in real time throughout the transportation process with the help of Global Position System, so that our customers can view and track the vehicles via our TMS, APP or Wechat official account. RPM (Returnable Package Management) is a real-time tracking system developed independently by SEVEN Group for the returnable package management. With our RPM service, customers may view and check, in real time, the inventory and assets reports at various nodes, and the possible damages and loss of the packaging devices. At the request of customers, our company can print or attach a QR code on the products, so that with our barcode system, when we scan the QR code using a mobile phone or other scanning devices, the product or customer information will be presented on such devices, including: box weight, dimensions, customer code, material number, product name, packing list, packing notes, and unpacking notes, etc. Customers are free to set up their QR code information and complete data maintenance in relation to the QR code via the back-end service.

Returnable box maintenance

As returnable package takes the place of disposable packaging materials gradually, it can effectively integrate the transportation nodes of different logistics companies and promote the high-efficiency operation of the entire supply chain. SEVEN Group returnable packages are widely used for the circulation of automobile parts, and at customer requests, SEVEN Group can provide cleaning and other maintenance services to the returnable packages. Besides, thanks to the returnable and collapsible feature of our packages, they can significantly reduce the transportation and warehousing costs, and are also simple, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient. Our customers include Continental AG and other major automobile parts manufacturers.

Value-adding services - Packing

SEVEN Group provides customers with integrated logistics and transportation solutions and provides services to customers in the industries of automobile, aviation, medical care, energy, industrial equipment, and large ships, etc. Our professional surveying and designing team can provide packaging solutions that are fully tailored to the customer needs, while our skilled and talented packing team provides on-site packing services right at the premise of customers, so that the packing plan can be perfectly realized. SEVEN field packing team not only provides integrated packing services, but also helps our customer in counting the parts and in completing the shipping procedures. Besides, they can provide some value-adding services in various forms, such as field inspection of the customer product quality and the customer 5S management as well as product cleaning. Our packing team will actively assist our customers in promoting their JIT production and fully satisfy the customer demands for integrated packing services. The superior services, the professional skills, and the quick response help SEVEN packing services in taking up the international high-end clients.

Value-adding services -TSM

SEVEN provides global customers with professional and efficient Tail Spent Management services, helping customers in solving their problems in multi-party procurement. Our customer service sector that is responsible for receiving orders will also be responsible to break down the customer order and then place them with our service suppliers. Further, based on the customer needs, we will collect all products from the suppliers and have them stored in the SEVEN warehouses, while in the meantime, we make arrangements for the professional logistics sector to deliver them to the customer site. With Tail Spent Management service, the customer can reduce the number of suppliers to only one supplier which is SEVEN. This helps, on one hand, to relieve the work load and to reduce the warehousing costs of our customers, while on the other hand, this benefits the customer with improved responsiveness and reduced overall costs.